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Our services will always be subject to these terms and conditions. We may change them from time to time, but you will be notified when changes are made if we have worked with you before. The most recent version of our terms and conditions document is always available for review on our website and we will send you a copy should you ask for one.


We will start working for you after we receive a written order or an accepted quotation from you along with a 50% deposit on each job as required.


All our fees are quoted exclusive of VAT and our payment terms are as follows:

50% on commencement and 50% on completion of the project (with handover of all final artwork and other production-ready deliverables as commissioned);


When instructing us, please make sure that we are given all necessary information about your business, your goals and service requirements. If you need to provide us with any material (e.g. images, text), please make sure you get it to us on time (either before we begin or as agreed) to avoid delays.


On that note, while we will move mountains to deliver on schedule, any delivery times discussed are estimates only and may be subject to change. We will not be responsible for any delays that are caused through no fault on our part.


You will be asked to sign off on all final and/or production-ready artwork (including logo(s)), copy, websites or other deliverables as commissioned. It is very important that you carefully check that this material is correct in all respects as we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions that are picked up after sign-off.


You will be entitled to 1 (one) cycle of changes on any final artwork (including logo(s)), websites, copy or other deliverables commissioned. Any changes to be made after that will be charged at our normal hourly rates or at a rate per cycle of changes as quoted. A cycle of changes refers to the set of revisions you request in an email or during a consultation with one of our team (on the phone or in person).


We may need to outsource parts of your work to one or more of our preferred partners or suppliers (who are either better or quicker than us in that particular area). We will discuss this with you before instructing anyone on your behalf. However, once we have agreed to use a third party service provider or supplier, we cannot be held responsible for any delays or problems with their workmanship that are outside our control.


Any confidential information, including know-how, trade secrets, marketing material and client information that is shared between us while we work together or which otherwise comes into our possession, will be kept confidential and treated with the same degree of protection as we would treat our own confidential information. We both agree not to disclose any confidential information to any other person without prior written consent, unless the information is available or known to the general public already. If we need to share any of your confidential information with other service providers or suppliers involved in doing your work, we will make sure they agree to be bound by the same obligations in this regard.


Copyright in all materials, designs, and creative work and copy developed and/or used by us when performing our services will remain our sole property. You retain the copyright in any materials belonging to you which are provided to us. We will assign copyright in any final and/or production-ready artwork (including logo(s)), copy or other deliverables as commissioned, as soon as this work is paid for in full.


We bear no responsibility to your clients or sponsors. We provide web development and/or consultation services to you and you remain at all times solely responsible for the payment of all fees in relation to the provision of such services.

You indemnify Clickshape from any liability in relation to your clients or sponsors.


Any amounts owing and not paid on time in accordance with these terms will attract interest, levied and compounded daily, at the prevailing prime rate of interest offered by Standard Bank Limited. In the event that an amount remains unpaid for a period of longer than seven (7) working days, Clickshape reserves the right to suspend services until payment is received in full.


Clickshape makes no warranties as to the success or otherwise of the intended use of the web development.


Unless otherwise agreed, any web development deliverables do not support Internet Explorer versions 11 and below.