User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience design is all about putting your website visitors, or app users, at the centre of every design decision. By acknowledging that the actual experience of using a website or application is crucial to its success, we help you create something that is easy, fun, and memorable.

The UX design process is something we follow on our own web development projects, and something we use to help clients who have an internal development team already.

UX Design

UX Design

We start by gaining a solid understanding of the business requirements of a project, the end user requirements, and what any competitors are doing to meet these same requirements in their own websites or products.

With this understanding we go about planning the Information Architecture and User Interface (UI) of a site or app. This planning can involve sketches, wireframes (sort of like creating blue prints for an interface), and prototypes. These phases of the project enable us and our clients to test out interfaces before a lot of time and money has been invested in their full development. This is essential in creating websites and software that work exactly like users expect.

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UX Review & Analysis

Usability and User Experience analysis helps uncover important problems in an interface. This could be a live website or application, or an interface that is currently in development. Our reviews are structured and prioritised, so it is easy to see how to make quick wins, and what to focus on as a more long term improvement.

We make recommendations to solve every problem we identify, and with our development experience, we understand what these recommendations will mean for a development team in terms of time and effort.


This is the foundation of good User Interface planning. Wireframes are simple greyscale representations of the structure and content of a webpage or interface. They are essential in the development of interfaces that are clear and easy to use, and that encourage certain transactional behaviours like purchasing products, or signing up for membership.

Prototypes go one step further and help to plan more interactive elements of an interface.

Interaction Design

Interaction design relates to the careful planning of interactive and animated elements of an interface. Dynamic, animated elements can enhance the experience and usability of a website or application incredibly, but are often over-used, or used in a way that ends up making things harder to use, rather than easier.

Subtle changes to the speed and nature of animations, or the manner in which animations are started by the user can shape the personality of an interface.

Information Architecture

Structuring and categorising the content and functionality of a website or application is immensely important. This structuring can ensure that users find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily, and that content and functionality is housed in places that make sense.

Information architecture is especially important on larger, more content rich websites, where the ease with which users can find new features and content is a key feature in the website’s success.

User Testing

The best design is not one done for the designer’s own benefit, or for awards, or for the designer’s friends. The best design is one crafted with deep knowledge and empathy for the people that will be using it.

User testing can be affordable and quick, and is the only true way to test that a website or application is fulfilling the goals for which it was designed. User tests can reveal interaction and usability stumbling blocks at early stages in a project, saving time and money later on.

Conversion Optimisation

If you are hoping to improve sales or conversions on your online platform, whether it is an e-commerce store, a lead generation website or any other kind of transactional site, we take a scientific and measured approach to conversion optimisation.

Making use of real time A/B and multivariate testing it is possible to make incremental (and in the case of the $300 million button, dramatic) enhancements to an interface that can improve sales and conversions significantly.

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